Our story

What defines us?

“Sustainable improvement and innovation have one origin: your employees“

Everyone knows the stories about management consultants, who appear, recognize, evaluate, do their concepts and leave after a short time. Often, after completion of such a project, one´s own employees do away with things and consciously or unconsciously – the original state is established again.
This is no project culture for us. In our projects we focus on the employees of our customers. Our consultants support the team of your company in finding the right measures to improve processing which ensures that, even after completion of the project, they are permanently valid and can be tracked. A successful project is based on a healthy “project culture”. Motivation is the key to identification and acceptance. Only in an appreciative and goal-oriented environment, employees are able to get fully involved in contributing to the necessary improvements.
We support your employees in improving the efficiency and effectivity of your business through structured project management expertise and practical methods.

Our history

Founded in 2016, project:culture pursues a modern approach of consulting: not the consultants are the experts, but the employees in the company itself.
We support our customers in developing, evaluating and successfully implementing ideas. Trainings, coaching, mentoring and project support are at the center of what we do.
We started our consulting business implementing operational excellence projects in manufacturing companies. Subsequently, our experts applied their knowledge in the financial and logistics sector. To our great pleasure we were able to increase our team by more than 200% in 3 years.
Additionally, we have extended our consulting expertise in offering new services in the areas of Circular Economy, Sustainability and Digital Services.