Our Competences

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Organisational Development

Do you value your corporate culture and the unwritten rules which shape the way your employees work and act?

Is your company culture your decisive competitive advantage when it comes to customer services and attracting talents?

Becoming “better” as a company only works if we change the way we interact with each other and how we approach tasks. However, such changes are not only difficult to grasp but also challenging and strenuous.

We creatively support you and your employees in initiating and developing a new type of interaction. We open the space for communication, making change stimulating, attractive and provoking.

Change is only possible if done together. Thus, we strive to involve, support and lead all those affected by the change. It is the creative potential of your employees that makes your company unique and better than all the others.

“The job of a professional manager is not to like people. It is not to change people. It is to put their strengths to work.” – Peter Drucker


Sustainability is fashionable nowadays – either as environmental sustainability, conservation of resources, CO2-Footprint, Recycling, Upcycling, Circular Economy …- we know all of them!

But do you really know if your actions are sustainable?
Is sustainability just a file rider in your business report or do you use this knowledge to continuously become better, to increase profitability and to become more attractive for your clients?

Like for each other topic a multitude of approaches is available. Many of them are hard to undertake while delivering contradictory results and seldomly indicate concrete steps on how to become better.

Together with the University of Applied Sciences Vienna we elaborate clear potential analyses. Furthermore, we show you how to employ resources and support you in implementing practical measures.



Business Excellence

Lean, Six Sigma, Agile – you know your way around them? Or is it just useless management talk?
Many efficiency and effectivity programs don’t deliver the promised results and cost more than they are able to save. Methods are less to blame for the failures, than the missing consequence in implementing them. Often projects try to reinvent the wheel by using a new approach, rather than looking at what has been done previously and what is needed to achieve sustainable excellence.

Only continuous improvement of mindsets and actions leads to long term ongoing success. This takes courage, respect, valuation, an “error-culture”, meaningful measures and an uninhibited will to learn – all of that based on reliable numbers, data and facts.

Start your voyage in becoming an excellent business organization – we look forward to being your tour guides!

Together we develop the competences you need for your organization to master all challenges with measurability and sustainability.

The overall target is to make everyone’s life easier – the KPIs will be satisfactory then too.

Digital Services & IT

Regardless of whether tackling with innovative business models, ERP-projects or digital transaction processes: we help you to find the right solution(s). We apply technologies like Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Services, IoT/BIM, Social Media and Smart Devices.

Our consultants are responsible for project management during the whole project lifecycle. In addition, they provide expert hands-on help: starting from project description, business analysis to requirements engineering, implementation and test management, as well as user training.

We provide you with reliable and innovative solutions using our best practices.